Open the window’s (application) folder ?

After I loaded a file in a window, I want to show its owning folder in the Finder.

How can I do that ?

let the file be:

f as FolderItem

you can do:

dim parentFolder as FolderItem = f.parent if parentFolder <> nil then parentFolder.Launch end if

parentFolder can be NIL if “f” is already pointing to a volume.

I do it again ! :frowning:

Sorry Massimo, I forgot to mention the most important part of the question (this happens to me in the past):

I want to open the document owner’s windon when I click in the title bar name (just like what the IDE do).

This seems to be an OS X only function, but if it also exists in Windows, I will take the advice with pleasure.

Sorry for the confusion.

I believe you mean having the file icon and menu on the title bar then.
Looks in macoslib, these should be what you need.

For Windows, I don’t know.

ProxyIcon is what you want.

I think for Windows there is no such thing.