Open Source Project Interest - Autocomplete Textfield?

Hi everyone,

I am finishing up a custom control called “AutoCompleteTextField” to provide Auto Complete features and I wanted to see if there was enough interest for me to finish it as an open source project. I know Alex Restrepo has a CustomTextEditField that he wrote a few years ago, but that is much of a basic word processing control. This is control is ONLY a custom AutoComplete Textfield/TextArea Control.

Its similar to what you are used to on most modern websites.

This is anExample of Auto Completion on a website I use:

This is an example of my control (at least as of now):

Features I have written

  1. Its a subclass of a textfield (I changed the super to TextArea and that also works fine as a TextArea)
  2. Its XPLAT
  3. It loads a text file of your choice as the master auto complete source
  4. Includes a Demo Window which is independent of any code – (designed for easy implementation into an existing project.)

Please let me know if there is interest.

I’d definitely be interested - especially if I could modify it to match anywhere in the string rather than just the beginning!


Thanks Bill. I am using Regular Expressions for the searching so yes that is very possible :slight_smile:


It will be on option on the Class’ Inspector.

I am sure it will be useful to a lot of people. Thank you for considering sharing this as Open Source.

Very interesting, would be very useful.

Ok thanks everyone. I will close this thread and start another thread to post the specifics about the project that will be on Github.

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