Open Source Best Practices


I’m thinking about placing some of my older apps (especially those that were broken by OSX updates) available as Open Source. Most of them are really me learning how to use Xojo and they don’t really work as best practices, but they may be useful for implementation details.

Do you have any recommendations for putting formerly closed Xojo source code into Github that I should be aware of?

I know enough to remove licenses to plug-ins and, I guess, the plug-ins themselves. I also should remove links and notes about donationware. I’m wondering if there’s anything more that is non-obvious I should be paying attention to.


I’d add that you should provide a clear file that notes any required plugins and be sure to choose an open-source license. MIT or Apache are common and flexible.

Use the Xojo text format if you can.

This blog post has some other GitHub tips:

Sweet. Thanks, Paul

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Well. Quite the rabbit hole I’m in now. Of course, I didn’t realize that while I have all RealStudio and Xojo versions I need for these apps, half of them no longer run in macos (I have Catalina). So now I’ll have to fish out the virtual machines I had for them :smiley:

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I seem to remember a resource where I could see what the latest version of OSX was needed for each Xojo version. I would like to see what’s the least amount of virtual machines I’ll have to spool up for launching RealStudio 2012 Release 2.1, Xojo 2015 Release 1

This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

Edit: This is the opposite of what I was loking for :smiley: This is the latest Xojo you can use with each OS. :smiley:

I’ll end up testing both in Mojave and kicking myself when RS doesn’t run, you just see :smiley:

Also see System Requirements archives page which lists the requirements for each specific Xojo version.

Welp. The list goes back to 2015r2 but it lists Yosemite, which I guess is a safe bet.


I have a 10.11 VM and can run 2009 to 2018 on it

not sure about older or newer versions