Open Recent with two times the same project…

but the project have been renamed in the mean time from:
Text Clipboard.xojo_binary_project

Test Clipboard (Text).xojo_binary_project

In the “Choose a Project” window (cmd-N), I can see both entries, and in the enlarged part (right part), I can see the wrong project name and the wrong path.

Selecting the first or the second loads the same project ('cause this one is alone).

If you want to producethe same effect, I suggest you rename the project while it is open (but SAVED), then quit Xojo. If you cannot set this strange behavior, try something else, but looking like what I wrote.

El Capitan (latest)
Xojo 2017r1.1 (demo)

If this concerns you, file a bug report.

Not a bug at all
On macOS Xojo will use the save info which is effectively an alias so renaming the file has almost no effect

You are correct, not a bug (even if I now had 4 entries for the same project file).

There is only a missig feature (to now) in the IDE: the ability to select and delete one project (or more, but not all).

Move the project to an external mass storage (hard disk, memory stick, cloud).

Then eject that mass storage.

And fire Xojo: choose the items you want the IDE remove and you are done.

Now, you can move back your project and fire it, you will only have one in the list now.

Sometimes life is fun with Xojo.

Open the New Project dialog
select the one you want to remove in the recent items list
press delete

Thank you Norman.

I read it in the Release Notes, but on August 15, Xojo 2017r2 was not released yet :wink:

As I wrote elsewhere: great addition !
(Another great addition is the project specs in the New Project dialog).