Open => Opening?

Hello all,

Is there a way to change all Open events to Opening without going through them one by one?

I did a test and when I open a web1 project in Xojo2022r1.1 the Open event for the WebButton changed to Opening.

If I open Web1 with Xojo2019 and copy/paste the button to Xojo2022r1.1 then it keeps the Open event.

I don’t think you can do a Search/Replace within Xojo. One option could be saving as Xojo Project or XML, then use a Text Editor to do specific Search/Replace to avoid changing other places where you may have …open…

That didn’t work for me. I opened the 2019 project and got thousands of errors, many are Open…

Was hoping to save some time. 2 1/2 days already and still have > 4k errors. What a PIA!

You may try to convert controls to API 2.00.