Open GL Lighting Question

I’m really struggling with OpenGL. Please be patient with me!

I want to light a model that will be rotated and seen from all angles, and needs to be highly lit - not a dramatic 3/4th shading like a portrait.
Yet I need some directionality so that when I render it all in a common color, some shadows or shading is hinted at.
When I render the 3D shape all in (say 0,0,1 - blue) it just looks like it’s masked out with no contours.

I setup one light ambient light to one side and another to the other with a different intensity. Not getting the results I expect.


Isn’t ambient light the type that comes evenly from all directions?

Based on this:

I think you’re looking for Specular or Diffuse.

Greg, you are correct. I’ve tried all the ratios of the others and the outcome is the same.
I’m going to keep playing…