open container - wait for container button to be pressed

app opens a container. I need it to wait until the OK button is pressed before moving to the next open container.

Any ideas?

The container is in a window I hope??? Then the OK button should open the next window with the next container.

web app. the container is just a container. it opens with options for Bob and the moves directly to ted without waiting for button press.

The problem you are encountering is that you can’t do mobile apps this way, because nothing is really modal. To get the behavior you want, break up your code into two segments and only show the second container in the Action event of the button.

so I can’t run through a list ? Bob, Ted, Carol, Alice …

Other question … how do I get a right click to do something in a weblistbox?

Use the ContextualMenu property and assign it a WebMenu and then use the ContextualMenuAction event handler to determine what was selected.

in cellclick … isContextualClick gives me an error.

IsContextualClick is only available for desktop apps. I’ve updated the Lang Ref to indicate that.

so anyway to identify a right click in web?

The ContextualMenu property and ContextualMenuAction event let you show and process menus with right-click. What other use of right-click do you need?

need to be able to distinguish that there was a right-click rather than a left-click. If I right-click I get the menu and then the routine continues. I need to stop it.