Open as Binary Stream 2019r3.1

I am having trouble opening a data file as a binary stream. I have the file name and path and do not want a dialog. I have been unable to find adequate documentation for Xojo 2019r2. Running OSX 10.15.6 and Xojo 2019r3.1.
Thanks for help on this simple operation.

see FolderItem.Constructor

from there you open a binary stream

Thanks, Norman. I could not figure out how to open the file except using the old way:
instream is global binary stream declared in Properties,
dataFile is the folder,
so the old way works:
instream = dataFile.OpenasBinaryFile(false)

This old way is no longer documented in the Language Reference and whatever is the new way in 2019r2-3 is unclear or missing.

See New Project>Examples>Files>BinaryStream>BinaryStream.xojo_binary_project

Thanks, Julian. But I want the data in the binary stream to be accessible globally (the data must be accessible by two methods), and I have been unable to declare it in Properties as a global folder item. The old way works with
Dim instream As Binary Stream. (public)

Oh sorry I thought you wanted to open a file without using a dialog box.

If you want to access it globally then the easiest method is to create a Module, then add instream as a BinaryStream Property to that. See for more info on that.

Where is the file? Modern versions of macOS include “Security” features which make it harder to arbitrarily open files from certain places.

Below is a code snippet I use to open a binarystream in a class, while having the stream as a property of said class (so that subclasses and children of that class can access it). This method closes a read-only stream and opens a read/write stream so the data can be modified.

Public Function edit(byref errorMessage as string) as boolean
    stream = folderitem, true )
  Catch err as IOException
    errorMessage = err.message
    return false
  End try
  meditmode = true
  return true
End Function