Open a .rb file with Xojo 2021 / M1 MBP

I was fooling around in the internet and downloaded an example created in 2004.

I only wanted to watch the code and interface (if any).

But… Xojo 2021r2.1 does not allows to open it while XCode (a double click…) open it as a Ruby Project !

Any idea ?

M1 MacBook Pro early 2021
Big Sur 11.6

So, it is not possible.

I will wait this evening and use 2015r1.

Thank you Rick.

2015r1 was Xojo. You should try opening it in Realbasic 2006r2 (or maybe earlier and later with a 2006r2), then save it as a .rbp, and load it into Xojo, as Xojo loads .rbp

Then you will need to fix all the incompatibilities found.

Add a “p” so the extension shows .RBP in place of .RB. Xojo will recognize and load this format :slight_smile:

You will still need to fix deprecated items once loaded, and no need to load in any other versions of Xojo besides the one you’ll be using.


Thank you Mattew.

You are right.

The Xojo icon appears immediately after I press the Return Key.

I was able to open it with 21r2.1.

and… Thank you for remoind it to me (I had a car check stress yesterday and forgot).

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