Only Italian Apps in Apple Store ?

I have written an OSX Software. it is a specific italian software. There is no English translation and It is made exclusively for italian market/users.
Do the App Store policies permit to upload this kind of software ? Just in case wich are minimum requirements this kind of software needs to have ?

When you submit your app to the MAS, you will choose the countries in which you wish to distribute.
Requirements and other details text

Thanks Roger. I will check It.

I personally would recommend NOT choosing specific stores. Otherwise Italian customers in other countries cannot see or download your application. Simply leave all the description and title in Italian, people who don’t understand will skip over it.

I agree with Sam. Also, I’ve seen apps in the U.S. store that only have German language in them. So, it should generally work.

Plus, Apple has no issues with this behaviour. :wink:

As an Italian living in Germany, and because of this fact (apps only available in one store) I have to keep two iTunes account. One for the German only apps, and one for the Italians.

I can download Italian store only apps as well German store only, but have to switch iTunes account sometimes even for update them. Having them available in all stores would really save me all this mess.

So +1 for not limit to specific store.