Only 1 reproducible framework bug in Structure / Redim?

A search in Issues:
Framework AND Reproducible AND Bug AND Structure
generates only 1 hit.
Is that because nobody uses structures or are there so few bugs (or both)?
Only 1 bug to stamp out, #65039
Give it your thumb, folks :slight_smile:

it can not hold all kind of data, as example datetime (except as fixed len string), so i used a class. possibly people prefer a memoryblock instead of structure.

“Works as expected in Windows, but crashes in RPi”

Xojo said it was a Linux framework bug, so the real problem is isolated to a platform less intensively tested, just it.

Well, I don’t know macOS and can’t test that.
Christian Schmitz reported in issue #65039 that allocated byte size for the array is 24576 bytes on macOS, whereas in Linux ARM it should be not 22, but rather 220 bytes. I jumped to the conclusion that it was wrong in macOS too.
So if the 24576 for macOS also is wrong, the bug doesn’t seem isolated to a platform less intensively tested.

If it’s present on both platforms, it’s mislabeled. Please, present your arguments there or they may fix Linux only and keep the bug in macOS.