Online Guide for 2019r2

I’m just finalising my first xojo windows program which I began using 2019r1 and I’ve upgraded it to 2019r2. This threw up a couple of issues. Regarding the demise of GetFolderItem in favour of Folderitem.Constructor there aren’t enough sample code snippets for me to work out the correct syntax and I got into a bit of a mess. Perhaps copying the examples from the GetFolderItem page to the Folderitem.Constructor page and editing the code accordingly would sort this out.
The other main issue was the use of Database.Exception instead of Database.Error. I got into syntax problems with this too and could do with the online guide being beefed up with some example code snippets.



if you change your source code from 1.1 to 2 be sure u using also new enumerations.
sometimes the deprecated warning is misleading.

online docs can be newer.