One xojo 2017r1.1, r2 Project not readable with Xojo 2015r1

I wanted to read test project I’ve done for Listbox Paste and Paste Special with Xojo 2015r1 and was not allowed (by 2015r1) to read it.

That project was created with Xojo 2017r1.1 (on Saturday I think), then “completed” with 2017r2 (on Wednesday morning, yesterday).

I only saw that on that project, I do not made any test to know if this is the case for all Xojo 2017r2 projects.

I checked the Release Notes, and I saw nothing.
U checked on this forum and I saw nothing.

This is something that we have to know.

Since it is a simple test project, it is not annoying at all.

Also, if I still will be able to read my older projects versions with the current one, this is also OK for me.


backwards compatibility with prior ide’s is something we TRY not to break
but sometimes there are just no other options and hence why the IDE warns you about this

Hi Norman, all readers / users,

your explanation (above) is as important as advertising it in the documentation (Release Notes, etc.).

(For me) There is nothing to debate here (just a missing note).

BTW: thank you for some implementations in r2 (notably in the New window: the new display properties, the “delete an entry” feature).