one-time Javascript error

I have this web application on my development web server. When I call a page and load a certain webcontainer for the first time, I have a javascript error. If I dismiss the error message, close the page and start over, all is good. The error seems to be related to a webmapviewer placed inside the webcontainer. Here is the error i get - the application does not crash, I can still use it normally.

this is a standalone webapp compiled with 2017 R2.1 on a Windows 8 computer.

[code]Unhandled NilObjectException
Message: Status: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT


Does anyone have an idea what’s going on? - I don’t seem to have an error in the Xojo code (I still don’t rule that out, I am usually the first suspect when something does not work as expected…)

Thanks in advance!

Well, the error message says it: Status: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT.

If you do not use a WebMapLocation.APIKey the amount of queries is limited. Maybe it is that.

@Eli Ott , I thought about that. I would expect that I get the error consistently if it is a key thing. I only get the errort when I first open the container. Besides, I am still the only user of the webapp. I am quite certain that I don’t reach the limit. If I close the container and open it again, no error and all is good. I don’t have any properties left on the page, everything is contained in the webcontainer. The webcontainer is an instance of a base object, instanciated in code.

Now I still think your point is good and I will need the API key once I deploy for real. There are several different types of keys that we can get. Which one of the types works with Xojo web apps?

Thanks! LD

OK I got a javascript API key from Google and placed it in the webmapviewer. I still get the error. So, as i thought, I am not getting the error because I reached a limit. There is something else happening.

Something tells me it’s not a Google Map API key that you need for that.

You may need this one.

Thank you Greg. I got a geocodong key. I am away today, will try the key tomorrow. I don,t have access to the dev web server from my current location.

One interesting thing is I only have the error on the built application, never when running in the IDE.

Haha! Adding the geolocation key to the webmapviewer resulted in the error in the IDE.

As I suspected, it was my code. (shameful admission) I was looking up a malformed address. I still don’t understand why I would not get the error the second time I looked up the same malformed error, but once I corrected the address code all started to work just perfectly.