One class edited, SVN sees 30 or more changed classes

On some days everything works, but on some days it doesn’t. I’ve edited one class (1!). The SVN sees changes in 30 classes. I’ve not even opened the classes for viewing. Just nothing.

Why does this happen again and again?

Mac OS 10.9.4, Xojo 2014r2.

What is showing up as changed? I see this frequently as well (although still on RealStudio) with the TabStop property, which seems to be a problem with quotes or white space or something similar behind the scenes; I remember a comment from someone somewhere else (but I can’t find it here, so it may have been in person at XDC) that it has been fixed in a future version of Xojo.

Hadn’t even checked that. Will do so.

I see it on Windows sometimes too, using TortoiseHg/Mercurial. I can’t see any difference in the code, so I assume it is invisible characters as Hamish suggested.

One of the things that causes this is if the class you modified has properties which are of a type outside of the class. For instance, if you modify Class1, and it has a property C2 as Class2, it can cause the class to change. Remember, the VCP file format has evolved over time, so when you open a project and save it, the IDE saves anything it THINKS got changed in the new format. Just clicking on an item in the navigator can cause the class to be marked as changed depending on the way the inspector handles things.

In my experience these things are usually places where a propery was stored as a string, but really should be an integer or something like that.

Sorry, didn’t have time yesterday to check the changed classes but will do so this evening. We aren’t talking about VCP format but external items in binary or xml format. And no, the changed classes are totally unrelated to the classes I edited.