One 64-bit Web Project won't compile

I have a rather large project that I am trying to compile using 64-bit (Linux target). It fails on a Mac with a link error. (But no detail)
Windows reports “a fatal error and must be shut down”. (Smaller projects I have are compiling in 64-bit just fine)

I read somewhere from Xojo staff that this was expected at this time because of performance considerations and multi-core usage and perhaps a few other things. Work was continuing toward making these situations work better…

I also remember reading some tips about what I might do to reorganize/rewrite my code to give it a better chance of compiling successfully. Could anyone help me with what those things might be? I cannot seem to find that info again.


A great deal of this kind of issue was discussed in the beta channel.

Ok, but I can’t seem to find it. Does someone know the content or a summary of things to look for?