On Screen Reports

I’m always looking for different ways to view the data I work with. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of ideas with the end goal being a reasonably fast, interactive data viewer. Being a solo developer I work in a vacuum so I am seeking feedback on where this is headed.

Short Video

Superb !

Which reporting tool is this. Is it available for buying. Please mention the site url for checking

I thought the video provided very little usable information… “Gee whiz looks at this!”… yeah ok… WHAT is it, WHERE is it? How does it or can it apply to my workflow?

Looks very very nice. At work I have to use a tool called Cognos, which is way more complex and way uglier to use. There the big problem was the definition of the relationships of the data. If you have sales numbers then there really is no problem. But usually data gets more complex. And then Cognos became very hard to use.


Nice interface, smooth.

@Beatrix Willius - I fully agree. Complexity quickly limits the usefulness.

As I mentioned above it is a tool I’ve been developing to facilitate working with data. I don’t have the luxury of an office full of peers to bounce ideas off of so I solicited feedback. For you, Dave, this probably is of no interest. Your SQL skills are well beyond what this attempts to hide from the user.

What I am trying to do is make a quick data viewer with some simple on screen reporting capabilities. I have users that understand the schema of their data but have no desire to learn SQL. I don’t want to have to create a report for them every time they want to look at their data a slightly different way. If foreign keys are used the relationships are handled for them. All interaction with the database is through prepared statements. The reports definitions are simple json files which can be dragged onto a viewer control to load or appended to a menu. Line items can be opened into an editor and related editors opened from there. Data can be rolled up for summary info. I want it to be highly interactive with quick feedback. Basically simple reusable sql queries with minimal keyboard.

I’m at a point where I feel feedback, positive and/or negative, will help me move forward.

It looks good in what it is doing; maybe a downloadable test version would help ? That would probably help you get good quality feedback of the kind you are interested in…

Same here, I would be interested in playing around with some of my own data…but so far, it looks great!

This look amazing. Are you able to produce a formatted report (without columns/rows lines) and able to export to pdf or excel??
It is able to show images for the detail item??
Is there a demo available for me to test??

Not quite there yet but definitely when ready.

No export at this time. I use BKeeney Shorts for paper reports. I plan to add a Shorts definition export. The advantage to the Shorts designer is style control of every element, conditional formatting and all the output options are already there. I usually don’t need hard copy. What I like about this is quicker visual feedback of the layout. It is easier for me than laying out the elements in a designer and then running a report to see how it looks, tweak it , run it again, tweak it, etc.

Images yes - they scale with column width

wow… amazing… very impressive