on-off switch control

where I can found “on-off” switch control like that in properties’ Xojo IDE ?


It has not been made public. It is merely a canvas subclass so you could make it yourself.

Thanks Bob.

You can get some 3rd party ones… EIther here


or here

http://www.jeremieleroy.com/products/ (Custom UI)

Hope this helps

I also posted a link to @Dave S 's version in this thread a few days ago:

Is there a native mac control for this? I can’t find it in Xcode nor apples docs. Only found UISwitch which is for iOS.

I am pretty sure it is a canvas based control, i.e. owner drawn.

I thought there’d be a NSSwitch, but yeah, it seems all on/off sliders on mac os are custom made.

Thanks to all