On how many different devices can 'Xojo Pro' be activated?

I considered Xojo to be added to my bucket list despite using it from 2010 (Real Studio) and would like to know if a single user ‘pro license’ can be activated limitlessly on any desktop machine I own despite.

can be activated on 3 machines if I remember correctly

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If you download the product and look at the license agreement, it’s pretty clear about the limits. Keep in mind that they’re different for Pro and Desktop, but that you can “Remote Debug” to any number of machines.

Transferring a license is as easy as removing one from your account and then signing in on a new machine.

Scroll down on that page until you see this:

You will see a table with more information.

from the xojo license page:


This is the human-readable summary of the full Xojo® license. It’s meant to give you the gist of what you are agreeing to when using Xojo. You should read the full legal license agreement for complete clarity.

You are free to:

  • Install Xojo on as many computers as you like.
  • Use Xojo free-of-charge to learn programming and/or develop software.
  • Install Xojo Desktop, Web, Console and iOS Build license keys you purchase on up to two computers. Xojo Pro license keys may be installed on 3 computers. Xojo Lite and Raspberry Pi license keys may be installed on only 1 computer.

(snip - see webpage for details)

Bear in mind that you can install Xojo on as many machines as you like, if only running the IDE including the debugger. You need a license to actually compile into an executable, but a Pro license lets up to 3 machines to be licensed at a time.

Also, to my knowledge there is no limit to the number of times you can deactivate a license for a given machine (using the web, sign into Xojo then use the Manage Licenses option). At that point it should be available for activation on another machine.

As already pointed out, you can also remote debug to any number of machines. The limit of 3 seems reasonable to me, especially since there is no apparent limit to deactivate/activate cycles. My guess is otherwise it would be way too easy to exploit for use by multiple developers on a large team.

Yes, three computers, but only one user. You can’t have a team of 3 people share a Pro license at the same time.

Thank you! This is the most thorough response I’ve ever received.

Many thanks to all who contributed to my post.