Omegabundle for Xojo 2018 Bundle of Xojo Tools Extended

Id like to announce that we’ve extended the Omegabundle for Xojo 2018 bundle of tools offer. The vendors got a lot of requests over the last week (it originally ended over a week ago) and it seems like a lot of the Xojo community that was interested missed out on our countdown.

I won’t duplicate the entire list of included products, but you have the very best of Monkeybread Software, GraffitiSuite, Paradigma Software, xDev Magazine (& Library) , AprendeXojo and, new this year, the useful customer management tools of MaxProg. The Monkeybread Software and GraffitiSuite ones include long lists of classes and plugins. Your total savings is about 89%. Most tools work across Windows, Linux and MacOS, and several work on Raspbian (ARM7) if you are targeting the RaspberryPI platform.

You should also note that most vendors have also been releasing updates and more is to come.

You can read the extension announcement if you want, learn more about the bundle or buy now as you like.