Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 Extended

We’ve extended Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 through the end of September 2013. This is the biggest bundle of Xojo focused tools you are going to find, and it only happens once a year. Since we’ve launched, several of the products have received updates.

Are the Valentina ADK licenses still included in the bundle? Or did the offer expired after the 1st of October?

As far as I know the ADK is included.
The offer ends 15th October.

The Valentina DB ADKs are still included. We added that provision to motivate earlier purchasers :wink:

We did extend it to October 15, but this is it. We are still getting a lot of orders but we think even Hodor is saying “Omegabundle” now.

Oh yeah…if you were disappointed we did a Mac focused video, we just uploaded How to Install Valentina Studio and Valentina Server on Windows.

Look for another Valentina announcement very, very shortly - a new update is just about baked. And since the Omegabundle Paradigma products come with 12 months of updates, you’ll be getting it :slight_smile:

I but Omegabundle mini but no have ADK Reports only ADK Db and no works for me.

Now i nave to buy ADK Reports

Sorry. Maybe simply buy other bungle, too?

Omegabundle and Omegabundle MINI are ending tomorrow !

Make sure to order before it is too late:

Jeremie isn’t kidding, its coming to an end. Get it while you can!