OmegaBundle and reports

Hi Guys! I made a web app and need to do some reporting stuff…

Checked Bkeeney Shorts Report, seems good product but later I shoudl buy DynaPdf plugin
Checked also OmegaBundle (very good price!) that includes either DynaPdf and valentina studio.

The question is:

for making reports for webapp (and, of course, also desktop app) do you prefer BKeeney or valentina studio? (some examples of valentina?)
the valentina studio included in the bundle can make the report production for web, win, mac os and linux, or I should choose only one development?

thanks a lot to everyone…


nobody can help?

BKeeney Shorts would be a good choice if you want to integrate reporting into you deliverable. It has a nice designer which can also be integrated and combined with DynaPDF you’ve got everything you need to build up your own reporting toolset.

You may want to try both ways with a test project and see which works better for you.
Valentina has a powerful report editor.
Shorts on the other side now got recently an editor.

Maybe one has the features you care about.

Valentina Reports ADK work perfect

Hi Ciro,

you can check video tutorial about Valentina Reports

Valentina Reports in a Xojo Web Application [EN] – shows from zero how to:
Design a new report in Valentina Studio’s Report Editor
Create a new web project in Xojo
Write ONE function that connects to VServer, makes a report, generates PDF, shows it into browser.

11 minutes from Download to working Xojo Web App with reports.

@Ruslan Zasukhin

I’ll take a look,…just another question about valentina…how can I distribute the reports within my app (desktop or web)???

So, After all we’ve buyed the omegabundle…but I’m stuck in doing this:

1-cannot connect to a network sql 2008r2 express (on the server PC) from valentina studio installed on my client.
I can connect at the same db needed from xojo without problem, so the info are correct (user, pass, …)
Ps what is intended for server and what for host in the connection setup of bookmarks? my db is at\SQL2008R2 istance…

at least, I was able to connect with ODBC to the server SQL Server.

2-how do I setup the launch of the report from a button on my web app? I’ve read the article here:

but how do I setup these parts (with MSSQL Server, of course):

Dim conn As VConnection = New VConnection( “”, “sa”, “sa” )

and also…

Dim datasource As String = “vserver://host=‘localhost’ port=‘15432’ dbname=‘valentina_sakila’ user=‘sa’ password=‘sa’”

thanks in advance, I’m a newbie :wink: