Omegabundle 2016

Seems there’s a new bundle. Strange that there was no announcement

Shhh. It’s a secret!

Just kidding. There’ll be an announcement soon.

and ending soon, so get your copy.

The final end is coming on Sunday.
So please order till 15th May 2016.

Hi! I’ve just ordered omegabundle…just two questions:

  • the license is attached to a specific development pc? or I can install on multiple pcs (of the same company, of course)

  • I’ve received from paradigma an email with some serials after the order was processed…but no download link for the bundle. Do I have to download every single item from the manufacturer’s company site???


over the next days you get license keys from various vendors.
And you can download the software you need from the vendors.

ok, so I start from Paradigma…