Olympic Mens Hockey - Russia Eliminated

Wow I didn’t see this coming as Russia just lost to Finland and is eliminated from the Olympic tournament. After watching Russia take the US head on I thought they would make it to the gold medal game. Russia looked awesome in the game against the US, but I guess thats hockey. :slight_smile:

Lets hope Canada doesn’t lose to Latvia :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we have not played against Latvia since the 30’s. We don’t know what they can do. They have the advantage of surprise.

On a more serious note, Latvia has had a very good tournament, but Canada should have the upper hand in this game. Finland is in my opinion a much underrated team. Let’s not forget that Finland has almost always been on the podium since professionals are allowed in the Olympic tournament, something that Canada, the USA or Russia cannot claim.

Latvia is kind of a dark horse since they are playing like a true team with basically 1/10 of the talent. With only one current NHL player and a Goalie who is a great AHL player it makes them suspect on paper. However I watched them play Sweden and if Latvia could have stayed out of the penalty box that game then it could have been a different outcome. That game against Sweden Latvia couldn’t overcome their talent differential playing short handed. They could be a team to watch so Watch out Team U.S. and Team Canada. :slight_smile:

Team Canada looked pretty awesome against Team Finland last game though :slight_smile:

No argument there! The score did not reflect the game. Tuukka Rask is one amazing goalie. And the rest of Team Finland played a very effective defensive game. Team Canada had the advantage all along, but I must admit having cold sweat towards the end of that game.

Latvia has something like 900 registered hockey players in total
7 rinks and only 5 even have roofs
But they have a very well coached group & they really do play like a much more skilled team

And they have Ted Nolan :slight_smile: