OLEObject limited or no autocomplete

I’m instantiating an OLEObject and feeding in the ProgramID and everything is working as expected. However, when I use the dot-notation, and a contextual list of Methods appears, I only get a really small list of Methods to select from, and none of the Methods known to be available from this object.

For instance, the following creates an EasyOPC-DA component

Dim Client As New OleObject ("OpcLabs.EasyOpc.DataAccess.EasyDAClient")

This object has many many functions, but the autocomplete in the XOJO IDE only populates with a very small set of what appear to be the base generic methods, like ‘Invoke’ and ‘Value’. However, the documentation on the EasyOPC-DA component I’m using has a method ‘.ReadItemValue’, and Client.ReadItemValue(MachineName, ServerClass, ItemID) compiles and runs w/out any error.

I’m new to OLEObjects and XOJO. Is this a limitation of the IDE, or have I failed to perform some necessary step for registering the object…?

I would expect Xojo to autocomplete only those items that are universal to all OLE objects (even that is an ask). I would not expect Xojo to autocomplete all functions/methods in every Com Object, that would be a task even MS would not attempt with all their resources.

I agree Wayne, but in the .Net environment the IDE can ‘see’ all the functions and attributes in this OLEObject, which is what made me suspect there must be something I’m missing in the way I’m approaching this thru Xojo.