OLE Objects

I instantiate a Word object and ask Word to open a document.

While on my development laptop no problem but in a RDP session I get an ole exeption “Invalid class string”
Q1: how to avoid this?
Q2; how to determine if Word or Excel etc. is already running?

'open the ‘Quick Start’ document in MS Word

'instantiate the ole object
Dim word As wordapplication
Dim doc As WordDocument
Dim fb as string

fb = “Quick Start CDD2 Datenbank.docx”

word = New wordapplication
word.visible = True

'load the file
doc = word.documents.Open(cdd2.WordPath + “” + fb)

Exception err As oleexception
MsgBox("Kann Quick Start nicht öffnen: "+ err.message)[/code]

Edit: Office apps are not installed. That is causing the error.