OLE errors with Office Automation plugin

Anyone running into OLE errors using XOJO’s office automation plugin? In light of the windows updates that were released this past Tuesday, we have been getting OLE errors being reported by users and we’ve been able to duplicate these in the office. Seems to be in conjunction with certain antivirus software - but this could be a coincidence.

I have seen a few issues with reports that worked in Office 2013 and need to be tweaked in the new Office 2016 version. Are these the errors that you are seeing?

No, we have not updated to Office 2016. Everyone in the office that was able to duplicate this was running Office 2013. Some of our users have reported these same issues, but I didn’t inquire as to the version of Office they were using.

We had users running Avast antivirus and when it was turned off or uninstalled, everything worked normally. Another person was running McAfee and when it was turned off, they still received the OLE errors. Nothing consistent except the recent Windows updates were installed.

Hi John,

Yes, I have seen recent issues with Avast in Windows and have switched them over to AVG, which seems to work well.

What specific OLE errors are you seeing?