Older Xojo/RealStudio on Yosemite

I’m looking forward at updating OS X to Yosemite, but before doing so I’d like to know if older versions of Xojo/RealStudio IDE are still working properly in 10.10. I still need to build for 10.6.x, and for one project I still use RS 2012r1.1…

Maybe it would be nice to have a couple of tables in the requirements, or another dedicated page, that could answer questions such as:

  1. I run this OS, which IDE versions are supported?
  2. I use this IDE version, on which OS can I install it?
  3. I use this IDE version, which OS can I build for?

As of now, that requirements page answers the above questions but for the latest IDE only



This might help: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Deprecations

Indeed, the table in the “Operating System Information” is one of the tables that I was looking for in the System Requirements page (and you have to convince me that the Deprecations page is the most appropriate for storing it…)

Now, I still miss the info about the “Oldest supported IDE” for each OS. I need it for Yosemite, but it wouldn’t hurt to have this info for older versions, at least back till 10.6, and Win and Linux as well

Unless there is no such limitation, of course, but then it would be good to see this info clearly stated.

Thanks again


Keep a copy of Mavericks on your machine for maximum compatibility.