Older Xojo on New Ubuntu

Has anyone gotten an older version of Xojo (like 2015) to run on Ubuntu 20? I’ve installed every i386 library I can find, but the Xojo executable still doesn’t launch after extracting the tar.gz download contents.

Any tips?


Try launching from a terminal. It should tell you what’s actually missing.

Ahh, I see a long list of warnings like:

GLib-GObject-WARNING Invalid pointer
GLib-GObject-CRITICAL g_signal_connect_data: assertion ‘G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE’

Xojo 2021 runs fine of course, but I have a 2015 app that is not entirely compliant with any of the new versions so I was hoping to start with 2015 and begin swapping out code and components a bit at a time.

Probably the fact, that newer Xojo Versions uses GTK+3 and Xojo 2015 used GTK+2 :wink:

Thanks! I’ll see if installing gtk2 eliminates those errors