Old unresolved cases

can xojo support indicate what will happen to old cases (whose problems still persist in the 2019.r3.2 release) that are never fixed?

in order to understand how to behave or what to expect, thank you very much

Feedback Cases Number:

54068 - WebListBox columns are skewed after returning to window (12 nov 2018)
lat. state : Changed category to ‘Framework » Web’

45431 - weblistbox flickering on mobile device browser (10 oct 2016)
lat. state : Status changed from ‘Needs Review’ to ‘Verified’. 12 oct 2016

This may help:

From what I understand after reading that blog is that the only updates we can expect are when our Web 1.0 apps stop working with a new version of the OS or browser. I guess they will release version 2019r3.3 at that point.

It will be great if they can release 2019r4 with several fixes too.

Those cases can probably be closed as they will not being fixed unless you can reproduce them in Web 2 classes.

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if so (huston) we have a problem !!, as the porting of towards 2.0 is technically a suicide


Well, I myself wait for a few key improvements to Web 2, before we can plan to port our stuff.

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ok, but in the meantime the old bugs continue to give problems in writing and maintaining old projects even in 2019R3.2 and this is a big problem

My guess is that old Web 1.0 cases that are no longer relevant in Web 2.0 will be closed as “Won’t implement” or “Can’t reproduce on a newer version of the IDE”.

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@Jeannot_Muller I await your article on this topic :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Such an article on how to move from Web 1 to 2 and what steps to do would be very interesting.

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it would be very interesting to know what happens to old bugs / cases that are never closed, especially since the porting of big project from web 1.0 to web 2.0 is not possible.

ok, today I got the demonstration that the support for the 2019R3.2 release issues or cases is dead. Case 63343 - webContainer.lostfocus not work / raise, immediately closed from the support with the reason “WebContainer.LostFocus no longer exists.”

You should reach out to hello@xojo.com because their blog post says they’ll still support 1.0 projects :confused:

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That is called MARKETING. That post only says that they maybe will do something IF the whole app fails due to a OS or Browser update.

Web 1.0 is DEAD, no bug fixes, no real support, not even a last fixes only release before killing it.


I would say there’s no harm in trying customer service.

If they say no, you could speak to someone who patches the framework to see if they can help.


ok also hello@xojo.com replied me that nothing can be done about it …
so web 1.0 and its support is dead and buried


You should mark that as the answer


Not completely dead but certainly on life support.

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