Old RealBasic IDE versions on OSX 10.10?

I’m on 10.9.5, and can still launch and run REALbasic 2010 R1, but 2008 R1 crashes. This is OK for me since I may need 2010, but doubt I’d need to run anything older.

Can anyone on 10.10 comment about whether 2010 R1 still runs?

Yes, runs on 10.10.1.

Can’t say how well as I only started it up and mucked around with it, not do a proper test as my projects use labels etc which aren’t in 2010R1.

P.S. Why don’t you partition your hard disk / SSD and install Yosemite in a separate partition?

My favorite vintage was 2007. But I dropped it for 2011R4.3. And that one is fine with Yosie.

Is it real wise to generate anything with a version that does not work in Yosemite in the first place ? Since RB was built in RB, chances are the executables it will produce will not work in Yosemite either. That would generate unwanted support requests and recriminations …

10.10 works pretty well in a Virtual Machine (VM) as does 10.9, so what I may do is keep the old version in a VM when I do upgrade.