Old Project

I have an old project written in 2006.
What are my options for resurrecting it?

What is the problem? Are you unable to open it in Xojo?

Hi Martin, Feel free to email me at hello@xojo.com for more help. But in general, start by running your old project with the current release. Depending on how old your code is and what controls it uses, the results will vary. Further details on deprecations/errors can be found at the Deprecations page.

If your code is older than a few years, you may find it beneficial to “stairstep” your code through some previous releases up to the current release - that is open the code in a few releases between the release you used to compile last up to the current release. You can find all Xojo releases at the Downloads Archives page, scroll down for Real Studio releases from 2007 and later.

Hi Paul,

It opens but there are so many deprecated parts that it is hard to work out how to salvage it.
I was just wondering how to resurrect older versions so I could step it into the future. Alyssa has directed e to the archives which will help.

Thanks Alyssa, the archive versions will help.
Is there a way to get a copy of my old licence keys?

Hi Alyssa,

I tried downloading the RB210 version but when I run it on High Sierra it says the certificate has been revoked. We might need some notes added to the archive list with the minimum OS needed to run or is there a way around this?

My usual away around that is to download the installer, disconnect from the internet, and set the machine system date back to a date that was current at the time that version was released (or before the certificate expiration date anyway). Once installed, you can correct the system data again.

Edit: Just realized you may be talking about RB210 – I first read as trying to get High Sierra to install. Are you trying to get an installer to run or RB itself to start while already installed? Either way try setting the system date back and disconnect from the internet or at least disable the System Pref to auto set the date…

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It opens
So, no need to download a less recent Xojo.

The UI in that case is particuliarly difficult. Being able to copy or export to disk the list of deprecated would help.
What also help is to enlarge the height of this part and open a second window for the same project with that part’s lowered height.

Sorry, but you have to go to each and every deprecated item manually.

What could also help is the use of Xojo 2019r1 (or r1.1 ?). You will not be bothered by API2.
Remove all deprecation from there, and when you are done, I suppose you will want to go the API2 way.

“With a little Luck”, Xojo 2020r1 may be released when you will be ready to move to API2 (I have no idea/knowledge of when that version will come…).

Good luck and be patient.

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You can find old license keys here: https://xojo.com/account/licenses/legacy.php

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Hi Martin, We have a System Requirements archive but it only dates back to 2015. So it will be helpful once you get a bit more updated. http://documentation.xojo.com/Category:System_Requirements

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