Old old versions?

Today I was going through some old files on my first school computer. In it, I found a folder called ‘my games’ with a bunch of the various RealBasic games I had made in school. I was filled with nostalgia, then excitement when I found I wrote down my serial key for the program when I had bought it. This was RealBasic2006 release 3. I also had a second code for RealBasic2008 which I believe was purchased by my school. I would love to be able to open my old RBP files and see what I was doing way back in the day. Is there a place to go to download these files? Would my old serial codes still work? Even if I could find a trial or view only version. Some of my old games had some bugs in them that I’m surprised I didn’t see when I was coding!

A little background, I was in school just learning about programming at the time, and now have a masters in Computer Engineering and spend most of my time working with embedded systems in C++. I’ve also recently been diving into JavaFX for user interface and have been coding up games on the side These RealBasic games were my first ever experience with coding, so you can see the nostaglia this would bring me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Download the current version and it should be able to open those files

That worked! Thank you so much.

I wanna cry… its depressing when someone says “OLD OLD VERSIONS” and is talking about 2006!!!

my “OLD OLD VERSIONS” are from years not even in this century :frowning:

(started in 1975)

I’m with you on the OLD OLD VERSIONS comment Dave. My little Budget Keeper program, that I use almost daily, was written back with version 1.1. The very original version was done on an Apple \\e with AppleSoft. Has been updated many times since then.