Old iOS Version Compatibility

I don’t want to create a subject only for this then I post here.
I did often read the old forum on my old iPad 1 (with an old iOS) but since the new forum I can’t. I understand it, but the message is wrong. It is :
Unable to open the page. Safari can't open the page because a secure connexion couldn't have been established
Then I thought the forum was down until I tried to open it with my Mac.
The alert should be :
Your system is too old to open this page
I have many of those kind of alert with my iPad1.

Maybe it’s possible with an alternative Browser like Chrome, Firefox, … ?

The Website can’t “control” this message and your iPad is not too old. It’s just that Safari in this old iOS is’nt able to support this connection. That’s why another Browser may help.

If you can’t install another Browser, maybe you can use a Remote Desktop connection and navigate via this Proxy on the Forum?

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Unfortunately the error you are seeing comes from the OS itself, so there’s nothing we can do about it.

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Thank you for your answers.
I tried to download Firefox and Chrome but AppStore tell me my system could not run actual version. I suppose Apple doesn’t keep historic version for each old system as it doesn’t ask me if I want to.
I’m a hobbits and I do it myself, when Xojo update the minimum requirement, I keep a version of my applications to the last system able to be running. But Apple can’t, or doesn’t want to :confused: .
I will use Xojo forum on my Mac or my iPhone.
Thank you for your help.

Just out of curiosity, what version of iOS is that?

Certainly iOS 5.1

Yes, iOS 5.1.1 (9B206)

Oh yeah. Then it’s not surprising. A lot has changed with internet security in the last 8 to 9 years.