old (2015) xojo licenses

hi there at the xojo forum,
today i reopened an older project that i had been working on in 2015 to debug some code and recompile it.
although i have purchased a full desktop license in october 2015 and using Xojo 2015 Release 2.4 and older versions eg. Xojo 2013 Release 4.1

  • i can download the old license key


  • i can add a previously saved key from my computer to the ide.

i am logged in into xojo and use the 2015 ide on the same machine as i did 2 years ago, no reinstallation,

what am i doing wrong or do i have to purchase a new license to recomple an old project?

I think I read something related. Your better send an email to hello@xojo.com.

Edit: well, not exactly the same issue but here is what I read: https://forum.xojo.com/41647-xojo-was-unable-to-connect-to-authentication-server-error

What happens when you choose Xojo --> License Keys ?


What happens when you go to your account in xojo.com ?

license keys are empty
when i click download :

“Your license keys are up to date
If you need more information about your license keys, sign in to your account at Xojo.com.”

when i go to my account, i do not have any licenses to download. only my past orders are shown.

Be sure to email hello@xojo.com with license issues. No one will be able to help with this on the forum.

As far as I understand, this is OK. You have to click in the order that enclose your 2015 Xojo version.

Go back to your account,
in the list of licences (you wrote orders), search the entry that holds the 2015 version you want to activate,
Between the “Expiration” and “Auto Renew” columns, you will see a small Xojo document icon.
Place the Mouse cursor above it and you will see “Download” below the Mouse Cursor.
A click there will certainly store in your hard disk the license file you are seeking.

Once you have that file, fire Xojo 2015, in the Application menu, go to License Key (I think): a new window appears that allows you to select and load that license key, load it and you are asked the email you buy the software with…

If this does not works, contact Xojo to have more information.

I recall, back in 2013, that I had to search for some weeks (alone in the dark) before I understand the process and was able to run what I paid for. I recall how happy I was then (yes, that is irony).

What you don’t understand is what’s happened behind the scenes since then. SSLv3 and TLSv1 were compromised, and to maintain our PCI compliance for accepting credit cards we had to upgrade the website. Some older IDEs can’t connect.

Please do as Paul suggested and send an email to hello@xojo.com so they can help you out.