Ok, how do you deploy app with no macoslib that works?

Trying to build my app to deploy on the app store. Old 32 bit macoslib does not work (obviously), have tried two or three of the 64 bit macoslib that are supposed to work, they don’t even compile their own apps. Anyone figured this out yet?

macOSlib will work in 64bit, at least the parts that I’ve used. The latest version is available here:

There is a problem with TestCertTools in the latest download. If you comment that out in the download then it will likely run. You can also report issues on macOSlib on the above URL, or even contribute if you wish. I’ve had a problem with the preference classes but otherwise used other parts without issue.

What specifically are you needing from it?

Thanks for this.
With respect, I paid $400 for a development tool, and when I pay that much I have expectations. Speaking for myself, I’ve spent enough time monkeying around with this, and I’m going to move on to a more mature x platform development tool.
Thanks again.


What is that idiom about workers blaming their tool ? Good luck.

So you paid $400 for a development tool, then used 3rd party libraries that are 32bit in your program and the 3rd party libraries that you need now are 64bit, you can’t find them or make them work and blame the development tool? Is that right?

Ok, so I’ll bite on your idiot idiom. If I had a nickel for every time that I’ve stubbed my toes with this tool I’d be rich. I’ve been using this since RB, and probably a h*ll of a lot longer than you. This product has never been “ready”. It’s a hobbyist’s tool, a beginners tool, and nothing more. For $400 this product should have eeeverything that you need to get the job done. It doesn’t. Heard of Monkeybread Software? Heard of all of the other people nickel and dimeing you to death making up for this tools shortcomings. You’ve drank the cool-aid. I hope that you choke on it.

Well gee fella, that’s mighty kind of you. I’ve been able to make a credible app using this tool, and it runs nicely on intel/M1 Macs, Windows 7 and 10 (can’t install 11 yet in my VMs), Linux Mint, and the Raspberry Pi (I don’t do mobile at all). Now, what x-platform tool are you proposing to switch to?

I agree it’s been occasionally frustrating, but having more than 55 years of software development under my belt, yea, even unto the bare hardware, has helped a lot. Then too, this forum has been very helpful at times.

Tipping my hat to 55 years, kudos. I’m lucky in that I’m fluent in C/C++/Objective C. I’m going native. Yes, it will be a pita to manage multiple versions, but at this point, it will be less of a pita than scr*wing around with the this and that of Xojo’s shortcomings. Just asking, what stores are your apps deployed on? If you’re writing for download from your site, it is a very different animal. Every store has it’s own nuance, and I’m comparing what I had to go through with REALbasic to get an app published on the iTunes app store, and it was hell. The next game that I published was not done using REALbasic/Xojo. As a matter of fact I’ve taken a break from Xojo for a long time, and have been publishing my software using other approaches and tools (to app stores). Revisiting this has only opened old wounds. As I said, give it to kids to teach them how to program, or hobbyists who want to learn. This software is definitely not ready for professional level work.

Ive been making a good living on Mac apps for years and have never once looked at MACOSLIB

Published to which store sir? Link please?


Muting this sour and unpleasant thread.

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It’s just like watching a Trump rally. Enjoy the cool-aid.

Well, I guess going native has its upsides (you work directly with the native controls/libs) and downsides (more work, I imagine).

I’m not deploying to any store, download is from my website. It was bad enough dealing with the code-signing and notarisation nonsense for the Mac, and I don’t do it at all for Windows. Fortunately, @Sam_Rowlands wrote AppWrapper for macOS (in Xojo, AFAIK) which has simplified life enormously. Without it, I’d have been telling people to right-click-and-choose-Open. I do hear there’s something equivalent for Windows, but I have not the slightest interest in looking at it. Fortunately for me, being retired, I have that luxury.

I’m not sure what macoslib is, strictly speaking, but I do use a couple of declares for strictly macOS stuff where the lack of that on other platforms doesn’t matter, but that’s all.

Good luck, but try not to jump up and down with rage quite so hard - you’ll annoy the neighbours downstairs. :wink:


Ok, this has seriously gone off the rails and there’s a lot that would need to be cleaned up. I’m going to lock this. If the OP would like help with macOSLib, I encourage them to start a new topic for that.