Ohanaware improves App Wrapper with added support for Xojo 2013r2 and add an Icon Editor

Jhangle, Pingtung, Taiwan (5th August, 2013) – Ohanaware Co., Ltd. Release the latest update to their product “App Wrapper”. App Wrapper is the tool that Ohanaware use to package their applications for the Mac App Store & their web site. App Wrapper is a simplified approach to performing meanial tasks that are required in order to distribute applications for Apple’s Mac App Store and OS X Mountain Lion. Version 2.2 now includes a new Icon editor and several bug fixes.

What’s New in this version
Version 2.2 of App Wrapper includes a new Icon Editor, allowing more control over icon generation and updates the icon code to the latest version. It also improves support for Xojo 2013r2 and an improved version editor, not to forget numerous bug fixes.

About App Wrapper
App Wrapper simplifies the process of Code Signing, Sandboxing, Compressing applications (via OS X Installer or Zip file), generating Retina Compatible High Resolution icons, and Help Documentation preparation. Reducing the time required to prepare applications for distribution via the Mac App Store or OS X Mountain Lion.

Code signing is required for both the Mac App Store & OS X Mountain Lion. App Wrapper’s Code signing engine is capable of code signing helper apps, frameworks, plugins & AppleScripts. Sandboxing is required for the Mac App Store. App Wrapper 2 features a new GUI interface to simplify the specification of Entitlement keys and their values. It includes tools to help validate a Sandboxed application and to track down Sandbox violations.

App Wrapper can add High Resolution ICNS files to the application bundle, or it can generate High Resolution ICNS files from almost any transparent image. App Wrapper also features a ‘Document Icon Maker’ that can generate (AHIG conforming) High Resolution ICNS files using the Application icon and a simple identifier. App Wrapper uses High Quality scaling to retain as much detail when generating icons at smaller sizes. When creating Retina compatible applications, App Wrapper can generate HiDPI ICNS files (dependant on the specified Minimum OS).

App Wrapper can add a Help folder or Help file into the application bundle, and add the correct keys to the plist. Also featured is a Help Validator which will check the help documents for simple XHTML errors, broken links, missing images and other common errors.

App Wrapper features functionality to add importable and exportable UTIs to an application, it includes a function that can generate a matching UTI from a document type. This enables developers to easily add support for “Document Packages”.

Many required plist keys can be specified using the App Wrapper interface. For more advanced plist editing, App Wrapper includes a simple plist editor.

App Wrapper features GUI options for configuring the Apple About Box. Included in the App Wrapper help is code for Real Studio developers to use, that will display a genuine Apple About Box.

App Wrapper automatically saves the settings, restoring them when the application is re-opened in App Wrapper.

App Wrapper was made with Xojo (formally known as Real Software’s Real Studio) and App Wrapper was used on itself, to generate a Retina compatible icon, validate and include the help, configure the about box, codesign the bundle and then to create the Zip compressed file.

Pricing and Availability
App Wrapper is available today from Ohanaware’s website. App Wrapper costs $49.99 USD (Before tax) per single user license. App Wrapper 2.2 is a FREE update for all existing customers of App Wrapper 2.0 or higher. A 15-Day Trial can be downloaded from the Ohanaware website.

App Wrapper is also part of the Omegabundle, where Xojo developers can get nearly $4000 dollars worth of development tools for only $399.

System Requirements
App Wrapper requires a Intel based Macintosh computer, running Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It is recommended to have at least 1 gb of RAM. Codesigning, Sandboxing and OS X Installers all require tools which are part of Apple’s Xcode.

About Ohanaware
Ohanaware is a husband & wife team living in the southern tip of Taiwan. Sharing a passion in Mac’s and amateur Photography. Their first product ‘Funtastic Photos’ went on to win 4 star awards from both MacWorld and MacFormat. HDRtist Pro won 5 stars from MacFormat. Their previous games company had a top ten hit with Recyclorama. Joy Sha has a history in the design industry with experience as a 2D and 3D artist, she also holds a masters in 3D animation. Sam Rowlands has been writing software since 1990 and is an award winning software developer.

Sam Rowlands

product info: http://www.ohanaware.com/appwrapper/
direct download: http://www.ohanaware.com/appwrapper/AppWrapper.zip
direct purchase: http://www.ohanaware.com/store/?product=apw
screenshot: http://www.ohanaware.com/appwrapper/sandBoxOptionsLarge.png
icon: http://www.ohanaware.com/products/appWrapper112.png