Ohanaware announces their latest application HDRtist NX 2.0.1

Ohanaware Co., Ltd. is very proud to announce the immediate release of “HDRtist NX2 2.0.1”; a substantial update to their line of High Dynamic Range Imaging software for the macOS operating system. NX2 is the fourth revision, in the HDRtist family of applications which Ohanaware started back in 2009. This version is a complete rewrite of the prior “HDRtist NX” application, allowing for a significantly improved engine, modern interface, and extendable functionality.


• Generating the HDR is now done on the CPU rather than the GPU.
• Certain RAW files go through additional conversion to be 100% compatible with the rest of the workflow.
• Improved the performance of aligning JPEG images.
• Aligned JPEG images are now stored as lossless JPEG, rather than TIFF files.
• Fixed a bug whereby the “Regenerate HDR” button was active when it shouldn’t be.
• Fixed a bug in the “1-Click Styles” menu item on the “View” menu.
• Fixed a bug where the “Smoothing” slider in Highlights & Shadows Pro wasn’t updating when undoing.
• Fixed a bug where the document window wasn’t disconnecting from the internal notifications system.


• 8th Generation tone mapping engine, “Polaris” was designed to bring out the tiniest of details.
• 128-Bit unclamped precision workflow; up to 32,000 times more precision than regular photo apps, helps to maintain detail & color.
• Tone mapping to the edge; increases the amount of detail visible in high contrast areas.
• Edge enhancement; makes the edges sharper, stand out more; or makes them softer & more natural.
• Dehaze Extra; reveals more detail in the sky and other light areas of the image.
• Optional 1-Slider editing, changing the look of the HDR with only one slider.
• Highly optimized; HDRtist NX2 can process a 20 megapixel HDR on a 1.1Ghz 2015 MacBook in 14 seconds.


• Over 30 1-Click styles to save time & create inspiration.
• More than 20 built-in Extras; some expand on existing functions while others are used to add stylistic effects to HDRs.
• Use “a set of exposures” or a “single image”, it’s up to you.
• Advanced cropping tool, with multiple aspect ratios, fixed sizes & free-form option.
• Ohanaware HDR format, allows you to save your HDR images and edit them later.
• Save history allows you to revert back to a previous version whenever it’s needed.


• Optimized interface provides a gorgeous high resolution preview area.
• Window Sidebar & Title Bar support Auto Hiding, getting out of the way when not needed.
• Split-View & Side-by-side view for comparison with the original image or medium exposure.
• Built-in Window management, includes Zoom to Fit, Zoom to Left & Zoom to Right.


• Supports Metal or OpenGL for the smoothest display performance.
• Supports macOS 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave.
• Graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM.

Pricing and Availability:
HDRtist NX2 is available right now from the Ohanaware web site. HDRtist NX2 offers a FREE no-obligation 30 day trail. The RRP is $59.99 (USD). For a limited time, Ohanaware are running a Launch Promotion whereby this new version is available for only $39.99 (USD). Ohanaware uses Paddle as their payment processor.

HDRtist NX2 Product webpage

Download HDRtist NX2 (trial version)

Direct purchase link (with time limited discount)


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