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So while being bored awaiting the beta release…I’ve been developing an Android App for the forum (works great so far) :slight_smile: just need to factor the ‘odd device layouts’… Which is why iOS development is so much better…you only have 2 layouts for ipads…and 2 for iphones…android products have no set dimensions…so every device could have different screen sizes (17 common ones though) :-/ grrr

Seriously, why should different screen sizes be a problem? You just dock your controls to the top/bottom of the available screen and use the rest of the screen to display the content. Almost every web page does it like this, too (oh, how I hate those that say “optimized for X by Y!”). I’ve done a bit of iOS dev as well, and I never felt constrained by any fixed screen sizes. When the iPhone 5 with its larger screen came out, my apps would “magically” just keep working, using all available screen.

But apart from that - it’s great that you’re working on a forum app for Android. I just got a Nexus 4 and found browsing this forum in its web browser still quite tedious.

with ios you can use self.view.frame.size.width… and variables as such… unfortunately with android apps you have to take layout into consideration since controls cannot auto-resize (as with ios) :-/… you have to set width/height constants depending on screen layouts/resolutions. When four buttons in a row across the top take up 400 pixels…and you rotate the screen with android…and the screen is only 180 pixels (ie phone) and each button is 100 pixels wide…if you use the same layout as say a 7" tablet with 480x800…only 1 button and 20 pixels of the second button will show :-/ …just requires additional thought planning

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yeah, basically android sucks.

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