Odd problem with mailto:

I use mailto: together with ShowURL() to create an email with the default mail client (Xojo, 2013r2 web application).

This works well on Windows, IE, Outlook, but with OSX/Chrome/Mail it does not seems work. When I launch this URL with OSX/Chrome/Mail, the to_address field of mail is filled with richard@mail.com&subject=test. It does not seem to recognize the subject parameters.

When I change the URL to:

it works OK with OSX/Chome/Mail but not with Windows/IE/Outlook

Can someone explain this or do I use an incorrect syntaxis?

The first one is the correct syntax. I suspect its either a bug in Chrome or that Googles decided to do something different, which will be a major pain in the butt because its been done the other way for as long as I can remember.

Have you tried other browsers on the Mac?

The first syntax works fine here on OS X with Safari. I don’t have Chrome installed though.

Strange, Safari behaves exactly the same on my Mac. Probably a configuration problem.

I will try other browser though.

If you have a gmail/google apps account, Chrome tries to rewrite mailto urls to work with their webmail interface. Doing this to urls in a WE app may be the problem. Try making a weblink on a page with the normal mailto setup, then hover your mouse over it in the running app and see if the url has been changed.

Checked that, hovering over a weblink shows an unmodified URL in the correct format. And besides that, Safari on my mac has the same symptoms.

A mystery to me.