Odd placement of embedded WebContainers

When I load the controls embedded in via code, the left and top report to me as expected but there’s this insane amount of padding! How can I get them to load accurately?


is the code, and this is what I see in the actual web app:


What am I doing wrong?

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I think xojo thinks you use percentages. Just try to read the result back (the left value) perhaps it will be 51% or something (you can check the browser inspector too!

What another way is to inpect your code, is print the values to the debuglog.

System.DebugLog CurrentmethodName + " - currentPadding: " + ll1.ToString

ll1 is the left and tt1 is the top - the control being embedded is a 50px by 50px WebContainerControl, and the extra pixel is designed so there is one pixel of space on all sides. There should only be one pixel of space between the controls.