Odd codesign issue with XojoFramework.framework

When signing an app bundle after building, I’m receiving the following error(?):

$ codesign -vv /Users/argest/ArGest\ Server\ -\ Server\ Config.app
/Users/argest/ArGest Server - Server Config.app: bundle format is ambiguous (could be app or framework)
In subcomponent: /Users/argest/ArGest Server - Server Config.app/Contents/Frameworks/XojoFramework.framework

I’m signing the app with:

codesign -f --deep -s "Developer ID Application: Other World Computing (XXXXXXXXX)" /Users/argest/ArGest\ Server\ \-\ Server\ Config.app

The only oddity is that the app is built using 2022r1.1 on Catalina for 10.11 compatibility.

I get no errors during the build and the app runs as expected.

Is there a flag that needs to be set in the Xojo framework bundle that got missed by 2022r1.1?

I’ve compared the framework’s Info.plist file against the same package built with 22r4.1 and they are identical with the exception of platform info.

@Sam_Rowlands - any ideas?

Could be any number of factors which cause that ambiguous error message.

But it’s worth bearing in mind that the “deep” flag has NOT been recommend by Apple for many years, and was officially deprecated last year.

Have you tried signing with App Wrapper, that should either be able to do it or hopefully provide a better reason as to why it can’t. App Wrapper does perform a number of auto fixes where it can.


I’ll give that a shot and report back.

@Tim_Jones – you told us where it’s being built, but you didn’t say whether it was being codesigned on that machine as well (on 10.11).

IIRC, you need to be using at least 10.13 or 10.14 these days for proper code signing compatible with 11-13, and it might be later than that. For instance, I specifically use macOS 11 for greatest compatibility.

For instance, it may be the fact that the framework is flagged as being Universal that confuses the 10.11 codesign because the only “universal” that it was aware of was the transition from PowerPC to Intel and Frameworks didn’t exist back then.

Built and signed on that system. However, two new indicators have arisen.

1> One of the helper binaries is failing because it SEGFAULTs. I suspect SVN because I forgot to check in the helpers as binary after my 10.11 build of the helpers.

2> It also seems that while the command line compiler tools were based on Xcode 10, Xcode was 11.3.

And - to wrap it up nicely, I don’t need to chase it further since the customer shared yesterday evening that they are retiring their district full of Intel Xserve systems (120 of them) and replacing them all with M2 Mac Minis where the existing universal build works properly. Apparently, an alumni benefactor is picking up the bill for the new Minis as well as taking the Xserves off their hands.