Odd behavior in IDE type ahead

I have seen the IDE not recognize a record set

Dim RS as recordset RS= Do all the appropriate loading and error catching......

Then if you try to type

popup1.addrow RS.....

(Also you cant run it as it thinks RS does not exist!)

It fails to recognize the RS? But if you peck around for a while: suddenly the IDE knows its there.

I cant duplicate it but it just happens every now and then.

Am I being tortured buy time traveling aliens: or has anyone else seen this behavior.?

I’ve seen this. It feels like if you don’t let the IDE finish the As keyword it doesn’t recognize the variable as a recordset or whatever. I’ve never really tried to pin it down, but I’m pretty sure that if you change to another method/event & return it works.

Thanks Wayne. I feel much better I can leave my tinfoil hat at home tomorrow.

Hey Jay you might want to change the channel for this conversation to general. And we should probably try to pinpoint why this occurs or we’ll have to live with it forever.


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