ODBCdb connect to mssql Nil object exception?

I am making an app to connect to a database with few tables in it. at the moment I am attempting to make a secure login page following this page: http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2013/09/secure-web-app-login-screens.php. I can connect to the database just fine in the rest of my app, but attempting to use this login portal is proving a bit more challenging. At the moment the compile works fine, but when I attempt to pass valid credentials the app gets stuck at checking the validity of the credentials. I am attaching a snippet of the code from the “ValidateCredentials” method I have created.

[code] dim db as new ODBCDatabase

db.DataSource = “X”
db.UserName = “X”
db.Password = “X”

dim rs as RecordSet, sql as string

sql = “select count(1) as cnt1 from sec_users where userid = '”+UserNameField.Text+"’ and password = ‘"+PasswordField.Text+"’"

rs = db.SQLSelect(sql)

if db.error then
MsgBox("Database Error: " + db.ErrorMessage)
End If

'MsgBox(UserNameField.Text + ", " +PasswordField.Text+ ", ")

if rs.field(“cnt1”).value = 1 then
return true
end if [/code]
The error comes on this line: " if rs.field(“cnt1”).value = 1 then" and is throwing some sort of nil object exception with the recordset.

I’m sure theres something very obvious wrong somewhere, but my eyes are not finding it. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

I don’t see where you’re connecting to the database.

db.Password = "X"
if not db.Connect then
   msgbox "Cannot connect to database

awesome! I knew it was something totally obvious that I was overlooking. Thanks!