ODBC - Returns trunc'd value -

point me?

im running in circles. learning a lot abotu things i dont need to learn or remember lol.

fm_reports_ooa. A2EAB000 EXIT SQLGetData with return code 1 (SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) SQLHSTMT 0x96b070 SQLUSMALLINT 3 SQLSMALLINT 1 (SQL_C_CHAR) SQLPOINTER 0xbfffeb48 | Acc | SQLLEN 4 SQLLEN * 0xbfffeb44 (7)

All queries return records with mising characters.

the above was for the “account” table - Acc is deprecated, Ount is pushed to xojo.




This looks like an encoding problem. Do you know what encoding is? I’m just trying to gauge your knowledge. See here http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Encodings . What default encoding has your table? Do you set the encoding in your returned data?

What type of database is behind the ODBC connection (fm_reports_ooa could mean Filemaker)?
What is the SELECT statement you are sending to the database?
How does the connection string look?

Have you set IANAAppCodePage in the connection string?

is that with MBS Plugin?
Or with built in ODBC plugin?

For MBS Plugin there is an option ODBCAddLongTextBufferSpace for SQLCommandMBS which handles text fields different in ODBC and avoids cutting text from the front.

I have never had so much trouble pinging a ds.

Type: FM
ODBC Plugin alone has issues returning null values, so a coule days ago i switched over to MBS plugs for handlign the connection. now I get truncated records.

With MBS - ODBCAddLongTextBufferSpace doesnt work out.

With either, changing the encoding doesn’t work either.

This is a continuous problem with ALL statements being passed to the DS.

In this example I am trying to get the schema, "Select TableName FROM Tables.
The first record is
___Records ( " _ _ _ Records " )
It returns Records.

Second is Account
it returns “ount”.

knowledge is normal - I’ve spent years in dbm. but not communicating with FM.

If you use MBS SQL Plugin with FM, please use latest plugin and

cmd.Option("ODBCAddLongTextBufferSpace") = "false" // special option for FileMaker

or on the db class

db.Option(“ODBCAddLongTextBufferSpace”) = “false” // special option for FileMaker

this helps a lot of people.

text buffer = false causes application to quit unexpectedly. even in debug. no error written, debug closes.

true returns normal trunc’d. hmmmm.