Obtain a SubclassedWindow from a subclassed Control upon open?

I have made a subclass of the Canvas control named SketchCanvas.
I have included a SketchCanvas as a control in a SketchWindow, which is a sublcass of Window.

I can declare a property in SketchCanvas that is mySketchWindow as SketchWindow.
However in the SketchCanvas.open event, “me.Window” will only assign to a property
of class Window, not a property of class SketchWindow. If I do that, then messages
specific to the SketchWindow cannot be sent to the obtained Window.

Is there a different way to obtain the SketchWindow from the SketchCanvas.open event?
Or is there a way to coerce the me.Window I get from a Window to a SketchWindow?

Why does the canvas need to know anything about the window it’s on?
Raise events to communicate outward from controls.

Good point. Wrong description on my part. I have two associated windows. A SketchWindow and a ToolBar window. When changes are made to the toolbar window I want to invoke a refresh on the SketchWindow. To do that I need reference to it, so I’ve been passing that reference upon creation from the SketchWindow to be stored as a parameter in a dynamically created New Toolbar window. The intent is to send a Refresh to the SketchWindow. Problem is at startup based on the chain of open events. I can’t send the refresh to the SketchWindow during open since I don’t yet have the reference to it and it has presumably not completed its own Open sequence. Is there some event that a method can be hung on that executes after a Window is fully open and both it and its controls have all run their open events?

I’ve got it figure out now. Brain fart on my part. Thanks for the help.

Please share your solution. It may help others.