Object2D and Masks

I know I can put my Object2D objects (strings and the various shapes) into a picture and then create a Mask with the Picture.Mask. However, if I can make it work in Retina just by drawing into the graphics object I want to (so I don’t have worry about double/triple sized pictures).

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around how I’d do masking without the Picture.Mask. Is it even possible to mask without creating a picture first?

If you have an Object2D such as a filled polygon or Circle, only the colored part is opaque.
You don’t need a mask to make the unwanted part transparent, in other words.
Just draw what you need to, then draw your object / group last in the Paint event at whatever scale you need to use.

But you’re Bob. I feel sure you know that, so I’ve probably not understood what you are asking.

Well, no. In all my years I’ve not spent much time working in Object2D. I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.

And what you said about the non-filled part being transparent makes sense. Now to find time to play with it.