Object NOT in IDE appears in compiled version

Anybody ever seen this before?

I don’t see a line in the editor, nor is more than 1 line object in the IDE (the 1 line is accounted for, in the middle). However, on compile, I get this random line object on the right hand side (circled in red). I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this …

Well … after, 6 tries the issue has seemed to disappeared.

This is not the first time I’ve seen it and it usually just goes away on its own. Is it just a random bad compile or symptom of … low memory, maybe?

Based on that image I would say that however the LINE is positioned something is amiss since the line acting as a divider in the left image is not in the right spot in the right one

Same line - wrong position

Me, too, have sometimes objects outside the visible window.

No idea how that happens, but how to reach objects outside the view:

When I right-click on the window, then using the “Select” menuitem appearing,
I can activate the object in request, and give a matching X and Y position to it.

So, when the object is not visible (and a line is very tiny object, which is very difficult to be selected by mouse),
go the right-click way to get it selected.