Obj.PictureAvailable vs Obj.FolderItemAvailable


I have a quick question. I am trying to figure out the difference (when doing a picture [file] drag-and-drop) between obj.PictureAvailable and obj.FolderItemAvailable. Is one for dragging a file (the FolderItemAvailable), whereas the other for dragging and dropping a picture item inside of the Xojo app?

Just trying to figure this out… :slight_smile:

Thank you much!

If obj.PictureAvailable then
    // Do something...
Elseif obj.FolderItemAvailable then
     // Do something else...
end if

its possible to drag & drop images from one app to other as example from a browser into your xojo app.

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Aww, that makes sense! Thank you for clarifying this… :slight_smile: