Obesifiying a WebCheckbox

I want to increase the size of a WebCheckbox to 1.5x its standard size. To that end I put this code in the checkbox’s Open event:

dim js as string = "document.getElementById(""" + me.ControlID + """).style.transform = ""Scale(1.5)""" me.ExecuteJavaScript(js)

I have a Mac with two monitors. A 4K retina-resolution monitor, and a 1080p non-retina monitor. On the non-retina monitor the above code works a treat, but on the retina 4K monitor nothing happens, no matter what scale I try.

Any ideas on a solution?

On Mac, the same limitations as Desktop impact the way Safari and Chrome display controls. Buttons have the same vertical size limits.

I strongly suspect checkbox size simply cannot be changed beyond a certain limit. It makes sense doubling size works on non retina, and not on Retina, where it displays in fact the same as double on a non retina.

You may want to create your own control, perhaps based on a WebImageView (“Image well”) with a couple images, and MouseUp.